Our Services

Real Estate Management Service

With over a decade of experience, Alsas Prop is able to manage the properties of owners and ‎investors, maintaining its quality and condition, also improving the income of properties according ‎to the situation and conditions of the real estate market.‎
We have qualified team, accounting and real estate programs that make it easy for us to manage all ‎kinds of real estate whether it is residential, commercial and industrial properties with a high level ‎of accuracy.‎

Real Estate Leasing Brokerage

In Al Sas Prop, we provide brokerage services in the rental of residential units, shops, offices, ‎workers’ residences, and all industrial and commercial activities, and we provide the best to our ‎customers in terms of price according to the location and quality of the property, through the ‎establishment of the concept of  ‌‎#Invest_with_confidence_and_credibility_with_Alsas_Properties ‎

Real Estate buying & selling brokerage

At Alsas Prop, our clients are very important, thus we fully take care of meeting their demands and ‎real estate needs whether through sale or purchase orders. This comes from the real estate ‎market at real prices without ambiguity, Weare always committed to applying our motto ‌‎#Invest_with_confidence_and_credibility_with_Alsas_Properties ‎